Dec 4, 2017

The Winter Concert is coming soon!  This year's concert will be held on December 20th at 6:30pm in the Union School Multipurpose Room.  The event is open to the Union community and all family members and friends.  We hope to see you there!

May 1, 2017

The 2017-2018 school calendar has been released.


CMS - 2.1.4 - Freetown


Thank you for all of the support for the Union School Association December Calendar Raffle.  Stay tuned for the daily winner(s)!


Congratulations to the following winners!

12/4, Matt Zieger

12/5, Keira Kulpa

12/6, Lilly Morgis and Madison Crevier

12/7, Patricia Zulick-Bessette

12/8, Joe Reardon

12/9, Patricia Zulick-Bessette

12/10, Kari Buisch

12/11, Lisa Roberts, Steven Babbitt, Karen Calabrese

12/12, Barbara Hall

12/13, R. Tyler Jr.

12/14, Elizabeth Morgis

12/15, Carl Myers

12/16, Dustin Bartley

12/17, Mark Tyler

12/18, Mystery Prize (Jill McCusker and Kristin Leffingwell)

12/19, Addison Anthony

12/20, Kristin Leffingwell

12/21, Steven Babbitt

12/22, Alex DeCaro

12/23, Jeanne Kausch

12/24, Audrey MacPherson

12/25, Steve Szych

Bonus Winners...Tracey Voter, Lilly Morgis, Kristen Paine

Check out the calendar for the daily prize!  DecemberRaffle.2017.docx

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