Jul 12, 2016

First day of school is August 31st

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Welcome to Union School!

Dear Parents and Students,

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer vacation and getting plenty of time to relax and have fun.  I also hope you have been keeping cool in this hot and humid weather.  This summer has been quite busy so far for me as my wife, daughter and I have been getting things ready for our “new” little girl who is expected to arrive right around the beginning of school.  One of our main projects we focused on to get ready for her was her room.  With a couple of coats of pink paint, assembly of a crib, and our former home office covered with “Green Monster” green  quickly became a little girl’s room ready for the new little bundle J. 

              As we prepare for the beginning of the school year, here are a couple of important notes:

Summer Reading Challenge

I hope all of you are reading this summer.  As a special additional challenge to your summer reading, I am extending this to all of you.  The top three readers in each grade will receive a fun-filled pizza party in September.  Bring your appetite J.

Student Handbook

This past year, we spent a significant amount of time reviewing and making revisions to the student handbook with our students.  As you prepare for the beginning of school year and head out for some back to school shopping, here are some general guidelines for dress code from the student handbook that may be helpful:

1.       Our rule of thumb for shorts and skirts will be the "hands down" rule; that is, if you put your hands straight down alongside your legs, the shorts or skirt may not be shorter than your thumb.  

2.       Flip flops and beach sandals should not be worn to school at all.

3.       Shirts and/or jackets should not contain inappropriate language.  No shirts or jackets that advertise or encourage smoking, drinking or drugs are allowed. 

4.       Dress should encourage a work attitude.  Students may be asked to put on other clothes provided by the school or parents may be asked to bring appropriate clothes if these rules are violated. 

5.       Sneakers must be available on Physical Education class days in order to safely participate in class. PE days are Tuesday-Thursday.

6.       During winter months, expect recess to be held outside unless it is below 20° F (with the windchill) Children should bring appropriate clothes to school in order to particpate in these activities (hat, gloves or mittens, warm coat, snow pants, waterproof boots, etc.)

I look forward to seeing all of you soon on the first day, August 31st.  Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Take care,

Mr. J.



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